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Eden Energy Medicine Level 1: FUNDAMENTALS
Taught by Cindy Capitani
--passionate, gifted Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Authorized Eden Teacher. Years of experience with Eden Energy Medicine, private practice, teaching, dedication to students’ journeys, and her varied background makes her classes deeply insightful, meaningful, and empowering. 

Learn the Core tools and techniques of Eden Energy Medicine to unlock your body’s natural healing power! 

This is a year-long, in person program, based on the empowering work of Donna Eden, that meets over 4 extended weekends.

Small group setting with personalized instruction.

  • Gain extensive hands-on practice and mentoring. 

  • Enrich your understanding and integration of energy systems.

  • Super charge your ability to rebalance energies that support health and vitality.

  • Apply what you learn to self-healing and begin to assist others.

  • Open the door to certification as an EEM practitioner.

For San Antonio class registration & more details click here.

Extensive one year training for those seeking in-depth EEM study and application.

Open to Everyone.  There are no prerequisites required to enroll. Everyone can learn this method.


Students practicing giving and receiving Eden Energy Medicine Techniques

New dates to be announced soon!

For class registration & more details click here.

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