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About Me

Cindy Capitani

In 2001, I experienced a shift in my life that led me to begin an exploration of Holistic Medicine. 

At that time, while dealing with numerous life challenges, I began experiencing chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances(thyroid, cortisol and adrenals), brain fog, frequent illnesses, and pain that over the years shifted into chronic pain.  I also had challenges with sleep, being grounded, sensitivity to electronics, bouts of depression and being emotionally distraught.  I began seeking a variety of holistic practices including chiropractic, acupuncture, dream therapy, and nutrition.  I began improving, but it was not until I began receiving Energy Healing Sessions and studying Energy Medicine that my health and well-being really began to shift.


The most significant shifts occurred with Eden Energy Medicine(EEM)-The Eden Method.  My journey led me personally to rebalance my energies allowing me to overcome chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and sleep issues.  I live in joy with inspiration, focus and energy.  My thyroid levels are balanced.  I no longer have sensitivity to electronics as I am energetically grounded and connected.  All this was accomplished having sessions with Energy Healing Practitioners(EEM and other modalities) along with empowered self-care.

My journey and education has included energy medicine, acupressure, tai chi, yoga, Reiki, essential oils, posture therapy, sound healing, color therapy, reflexology, and crystals. 

I hold the following certifications:

  • Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner(EEM-AP)

  • Eden Method Authorized Teacher

  • Inner Focus Certified Advanced Energy Practitioner

  • Inner Focus Church-Masters of Ministerial Science

  • Reiki II

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