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Private Sessions

Private sessions are conducted in my San Antonio office.

The initial session will take about 2 hours.  It includes an intake of health history, a discussion of how your health challenge affects your life, your healing intention, personalized session and review of self-care.  Subsequent sessions last one to two hours on average.  Length of the session can be determined when scheduling the appointment.  Sessions occur with clients fully clothed on a massage table.  Session rates start at $100 after initial session.  Packages are also offered.

Skype/Zoom sessions are available if you are unable to come to my office. We can schedule a flexible time to connect. 

Sessions will have a variety of focus determined by the intake, intuition, and energy assessing, based upon applied kinesiology.  NINE energy systems are assessed and harmonized through Eden Energy Medicine practices (Aura, Chakras, Chinese Meridians/Elements/Radiant Circuits along with special emphasis on the Triple Warmer/burner system, Tibetan Energy Rings, Electrics and Grid). Another Energy system I work with is the Hara.  I may also incorporate energy modalities of Inner Focus (especially in support of emotions and belief systems) along with reflexology, acupressure and color therapy to optimize energy flow.

Contact me via phone or email to schedule your appointment. 

If interested I offer a complimentary consultation up to 30 minutes to determine if what I offer resonates with you. 

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