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"Cindy's a gifted and committed practitioner. Conventional medicine suggested double lung transplant as my husband's only hope for improvement. I'm delighted to say that's all changed over the past 2 1/2 years! The contrast is incredible!


She's teaching you what to do and how, so you can continue at home. It's extremely empowering!! Cindy is a natural-born teacher and healer. How lucky for those of us who get to be her clients. 

She's totally present and focused on you in every session. Her manner is friendly and professional. Her smile is just infectious! And we feel peaceful and cared-for when we leave. 

She's tuned in to what your body is telling her through energy testing. Every session is unique, totally personalized for what your body needs at that time. 

Don't be surprised when you can look back and see what's happened since you started."

Susan F. 

"My private sessions with Cindy have definitely helped me to better cope with several physical and emotional issues. I always leave the session in a renewed/refreshed physical and mental state. 

I believe a part of my rapid and complete recovery from my surgery can be directly contributed to her practice of Energy Medicine techniques on me. 

I trust in her knowledge of Energy Medicine completely and I have been blessed by her ability to put her knowledge into practice to help me emotionally and physically overcome some of the biggest challenges of my lifetime."

Debbie G. 

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